I was born in southeastern Pennsylvania and lived there through High School.  My mom was always creative, so making things growing up was just second nature. She and my dad both loved gardening, and he sparked my interest in unusual creatures- hence the boa constrictor for my 8th birthday. After graduating from high school, I attended Guilford College in Greensboro NC. The summer after my freshman year, I took a beginning metalsmithing course at Philadelphia College of Art with Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, who taught us that setting an opal was like setting a booger. During my sophomore year at college, I completed an internship with designer Shirley Gobble (now Merriott) and worked for her through graduation and beyond. The next serveral years found me working at various retail jewelry locations and taking workshops with such talented artists as Lisa Gralnick, Pat Flynn, Jean Stark, and Tim McCreight.  After a detour working in the kayaking industry, I returned to jewelry, working as a goldsmith at llyn strong fine jewelry in Greenville SC for eight years. Altogether, I have been working in metal for over 24 years.

I live in Greenville with my husband and our rescues: a dog and two cats. Many of my passions throughout life have centered around the outdoors: rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, gardening, bug-finding, and exploring in general. Numerous collections have evolved at my house over the years as a result- from a dwarf iris which fit nicely in my kayak one day to countless pebbles, big and small.  

I have created my own jewelry since the beginning, but just like "taking the leap" to be an art major in college, I've only recently given myself permission to dedicate the skills honed throughout the years to breathe life exclusively into my own designs. As others have inspired me, it is my hope to pass along the incentive to pursue one's dreams as well. 

Thank you so much for visiting my website.