The essence of creativity- nature. It is an endless source of inspiration yet I could never claim to equal nature in that regard. It is an appropriation, if you will. I see myself as a translator of ideas and aesthetics found in nature.


What is good design? Again, referring back to nature. It is those qualities that drive me to pick up that treasure while out exploring- not just to possess it but to share space with it, to become intimate on a daily basis. A desire to be able to interact with this object as a part of my life, to constantly re-affirm this connection with the natural world.


Good design loses its impact when not paired with good craftsmanship.  I have spent 21 years as a goldsmith honing these skills.  Craftsmanship means that the visual and actual weight of a piece and the proportions are appropriate for the piece.  The finish is meticulous and enhances the design.  The piece is appropriately comfortable and durable when worn.  Materials have been chosen with consideration for their strengths to contribute to the design and other craftsmanship elements just listed.  Mechanisms function smoothly and are as integrated as possible- they do not detract from the design of the piece.


As a maker and seller of jewelry, I find myself with my feet in two very different worlds: inspiration from nature and the creative process are largely solitary pursuits; while selling my work focuses on forming relationships and connecting with others- now, more than ever, as social media elevates this need for connection between maker and wearer.  Also, this focus on nature, on making, and on jewelry ties me to the passions of my relatives/ancestors and gives me an identity within my lineage.  I feel gratitude for this balance and connection that my occupation/trade encourages in me.